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A Sustainable Energy Future



Develop new markets and assist Africa’s energy transition

Africa's energy and raw materials are changing. As a global commodities player, Acrosstrades sees creating the basis for future development as key parts of its mission – by rapidly opening up markets for new, more environmentally-friendly fuels, by facilitating urgently needed new methods of supplying markets such as trading of power, and by introducing the latest technologies to help African countries move towards renewable energy.

Our Business

As African countries move to reduce permitted sulphur content in fuels, Acrosstrades is supplying the higher-quality imported materials the market needs.

Solar Energy

Wind Mill


Bio Fuel

Global Network

The transition towards a lower-carbon economy is coming to Africa, and Acrosstrades is facilitating the growth of sustainable energy through our innovative tools and global network

Accelerating Trade & Investments in Africa
Image by American Public Power Association
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